For all your boom inspections and repairs we have you covered. Our service technicians will come to you and they are qualified to inspect and repair most types of booms. They travel to all states and have their mobile workshops to complete the inspections and repairs.

Todd Usher

Located in the North East

Phone: 612-802-6678
CBI Certified Boom Inspection
[email protected]

Mark Phipps

Located in the South West

Phone: 619-246-7405
[email protected]

Nick Pohl

Located in Central and South East

Phone: 785-392-0278
[email protected]


The Best Quality Pumps and Parts in the market (at the best value price) with the Best Service, and to do this by only hiring the Best People, who have heart and a passion for the product, their work and most importantly our customers and supporting their business. We back that up with a 24/7 service policy and a fleet of rental pumps for short and long term use. We’re a friendly team, drop us a line or come say hello sometime.

For Sales call -
wayne allen, vice president of sales & marketing (713) 205-1913
sebastian falzon, President & CEO (863) 585-6785



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