Concrete Pump Engineering, Australia and CPE America

Concrete Pump Engineering started in partnership with Hanwoo (now Everdigm) in 2004. During this time the Hanwoo / Daewoo range evolved into Everdigm – all the while gaining popularity with the Australian market, to make us now the leaders in the supply of concrete placing systems to the domestic, commercial and industrial construction sectors.

We’ve found that our pumps practically sell themselves due to their strong value for money and greater overall return on investment when compared with other brands. Our customers tend to be our best ‘salespeople’ because they keep coming back. Why? Simply because Concrete Pump operators love our products and the service from our team.

We believe that this is due to our three core philosophies we’ve built our business on since day one;

To provide the: Best Quality Pumps and Parts in the market (at the best value price) with the Best Service, and we do this by only hiring the Best People, who have heart and a passion for the product, their work and most importantly our customers and supporting their business.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best service to our customers and to back that up we have a 24 hour service policy.

Our Team is focused on the customer needs and we make sure that we exceed our customers’ expectations. Having been successful in Australia, we have now partnered again with Everdigm to bring new levels of product quality, value and service to America.

We are supplying concrete pumps, spare parts, service and maintenance for all makes of pumps, boom inspections, maintenance and operator training and last but not least concrete pump rentals.

With our rental fleet, we support our customers in their projects. Whether they need a pump for 2 months or 2 years they can rely on us. So if you have a project but you do not want to finance a new pump, you can rent one to suit your needs. We also have “rent to buy” options for our esteemed customers. In our rental fleet we have pumps from 28M to 58M, from small skid pumps to PB42.

History of our partner: EVERDIGM Corp

In the early stages of this agreement, Daewoo Heavy Industry was importing complete units and distributing them in Korea. Through technical training, Daewoo Heavy Industry imported semi-knock down pumps and began assembling pumps locally. Eventually, complete knock down pumps and parts were imported and more locally made product content was introduced.

Towards the end of the 1990’s, the license agreement was terminated and with the accumulated knowledge in production, technical knowhow and quality control, Daewoo Heavy Industry continued to manufacture concrete pumps for both domestic and international market.

In 2001, the Daewoo Concrete Pump Truck division was transferred to Hanwoo. Hanwoo continued to invest in Research & Development and expanded its range of models manufactured.

In 2007, Hanwoo was re-branded as EVERDIGM (which is short for ‘Everlasting Paradigm’) and since that time, EVERDIGM have been expanding its business in different portfolios. EVERDIGM now manufactures Concrete pumps, Hydraulic Attachments, Tower Cranes, Generators, Rock Drills, Core Drills, Rock Tools, and Special Purpose Vehicles (Fire engines). EVERDIGM continues to invest in its R&D and in 2011 a new research center was opened. New products are developed and the range of equipment produced is of world quality standard. Our High quality products made by Everdigm guarantee our customers excellent Performance, Easy Maintenance, reliability and high return on investment.