The CPE America Team is like a family

A Family that has a unified mission: To keep you pumping, and profitable. Here’s the 20 second run down on who does what for the people you’re likely to talk with the most. We think it’s also nice to put a face to a name for the most part too.

Barbara Loyd

Office Manager

keeps the office humming and the workshop boys in line. More importantly though she is the keeper of the cake, because around here, ‘Cake is Currency’. Barbara is also here to help when you call – and what could sound more friendly and helpful than a friendly southern accent.

Wayne Allen

National Sales Manager

Wayne is a veteran of the concrete pumping industry.  He has spent over 30 years in equipment sales and knows the product line as well as anyone.  His relationships and knowledge are a huge addition the CPE America team.

Wayne is available for new and used pump sales.  He will be stationed in Houston, TX.  He can be reached at 713-205-1913 or via email –

Kevin Miccichi

Plant Manager

Kevin comes to CPE America with over 20 years of experience of plant management in the auto and glass industries.  Kevin knows how to run an operation as he is a Six Sigma blackbelt and is Lean Manufacturing certified.  When not turning our plant into a world class facility you can find Kevin on his motorcycle or hitting the links.

Kevin can be reached at:
DIRECT:  (912) 314 6934

Tony Inglese

Vice President, Operations

Tony is our VP of Operations which means he will be here to help with anything and everything he can. He has many years experience in concrete pumping, growing up in a concrete pumping family. He has the know-how to do almost anything related to the field except actually operate a pump!…but the Production Team has News for him.…they have set an objective to get him trained within his first few weeks.

Tony is available for new pump sales as well as status updates to existing orders.
DIRECT:  (404) 391 0477

Sebastian Falzon

Company President, New Pump Sales

Our company president in both Australia and America, Sebastian spends time in both the USA and Australian offices, facilitating purchases of new concrete pumps where needed, and steering the business forward, or dare we say ‘keeping it pumping’? (haha).

Sebastian created the sub-currency we know around the entire company as ‘Cake’. You need a favour? Slide a cake over the table and we’ll talk. Need a new Concrete Pump? Sebastian can help with that too. Drop him a line directly on +1 (863) 585 6785.

Sebastian Falzon - New Concrete Pumps America

Brent Franklin

Assembler & Service Technician

Brent has been in the Concrete Pump Manufacturing industry for 6 years as an assembler and service technician, with the privilege of delivering and doing the startup of many pumps. With 10 more recent years in the oil fields, when CPE offered him the opportunity to get back into the job he loves most, he jumped at the chance and hasn’t looked back. In his own words: “I have been working for CPE America since March 2016 and have made so many new friends and the customers are outstanding. I have finally found my new home”.

When you buy a new concrete pump from CPE, Brent will most likely be a part of bringing it to life. He also handles preventative maintenance, repairs and on-site technical situations for all makes of pump. Brent can be contacted through the office on +1 (404) 391 0477


This guy…
Once you meet Schlomo, you’ll never forget him. He’s a technician that’s always on the road, doing commissioning, servicing breakdowns and doing repairs at our customer’s premises.

He’s experienced on all types of pumps and he’ll always get you out of trouble. He’s the kind of guy you can depend on 24/7 365 days a year.  

Schlomo’s schedule is managed through the office so he can stay focused on being awesome at what he does. Connect with him by calling us on +1 (404) 391 0477

Mobile Concrete Pump Service and Repair USA
Bill Carbeau

Bill Carbeau

Outside Consultant

Bill has extensive experience in long distance and high rise concrete pumping techniques. He has developed the placing boom series of equipment for Putzmeister over a 10 year period. His capacity at CPE involves consulting and creating an effective and practical separate placing boom line of products. Bill is available to assist sales and clients in with their placing boom questions and projects.

Connect with him by calling us on +1 (404) 391 0477

Jason Darnell

Used Concrete Pump Specialist

Jason is your guy when you’re looking to buy or sell a Pre-Owned (can we just say ‘used’?) concrete pump anywhere in America – when required, he even speaks Canadian ‘eh?
Jason is the sort of guy you’d introduce to your Mum. Not because you’re dating, but if she needed to buy a used concrete pump to cruise around town in…
If you need an extra pump without the full commitment of a new one, or you’re curious what your current pump might be worth if you traded in on a new Everdigm, drop Jason a line on +1 (407) 722 1761 and he’ll be happy to have a chat.

Jason Darnell - Used Concrete Pumps and Trade-ins USA-Canada