A Family that has a unified mission: To keep you pumping, and profitable. Here’s the 20 second run down on who does what for the people you’re likely to talk with the most. We think it’s also nice to put a face to a name for the most part too.


Sebastian Falzon

Company President, New Pump Sales

Our company president in both Australia and America, Sebastian spends time in both the USA and Australian offices, facilitating purchases of new concrete pumps where needed, and steering the business forward, or dare we say ‘keeping it pumping’? (haha).

Sebastian created the sub-currency we know around the entire company as ‘Cake’. You need a favor? Slide a cake over the table and we’ll talk. Need a new Concrete Pump? Sebastian can help with that too.

DIRECT: (863) 585-6785

EMAIL: [email protected]

Barbara Lloyd

Barbara Loyd

Accountant & Logistics

Barbara keeps the office humming and the workshop boys in line. What could sound more friendly and helpful than a friendly southern accent. Barbara is also pivotal in orchestrating the pick-up and delivery of all pumps and trucks.

DIRECT: (903) 243-3783

EMAIL: [email protected]


Greg Neumeier

general manager-northwest branch-sales,parts, Inspections & service

Greg has been in the pumping world  for over 40 years As a operator, mechanic, field service manager for a major manufacturer. Been involved with equipment sales, pump rental sales and parts sales. Worked for several large pump companies as a operator and mechanic. Basically been involved with concrete pumps most of my working life. Currently operate a equipment repair company mainly repairing all models and makes of concrete pumps. Been involved with hi rise pumping and placing boom operations. When not involved with concrete pumps, you"ll find me trying to keep up the home front, in the mountains or at the beach, or even at a car show or at the local raceway.

DIRECT: (360) 239-7348

EMAIL: [email protected]

Bill Carbeau

Bill Carbeau

Outside Consultant

Bill has extensive experience in long distance and high rise concrete pumping techniques. He has developed the placing boom series of equipment for Putzmeister over a 10 year period. His capacity at CPE involves consulting and creating an effective and practical separate placing boom line of products. Bill is available to assist sales and clients in with their placing boom questions and projects.

Connect with him by calling us on +1 (404) 391 0477


The Best Quality Pumps and Parts in the market (at the best value price) with the Best Service, and to do this by only hiring the Best People, who have heart and a passion for the product, their work and most importantly our customers and supporting their business. We back that up with a 24/7 service policy and a fleet of rental pumps for short and long term use. We’re a friendly team, drop us a line or come say hello sometime.

For Sales call -

Sebastian Falzon, President  (863) 585-6785

[email protected]

Ryan Malowney VP of Sales : 713-205-1913

[email protected]



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